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Jan 2, 2013 5:00am PST
york lawmakers are furious the house loorp has abandoned the vote on victims of super storm sandy. they had proved a $60 billion to help recovering from the october storm that devastated parts of new york, new jersey and other states nearby. a house committee had drafted a smaller $27 billion measure but the house adjourned last night without taking up either proposal. if they don't take action before congress's term ends tomorrow, any vote will have to wait until the end of january. >>> we're learning new information about a naked man with a sword who held san jose police at bay for several hours. his name is cocoa bennet. someone reported someone with anment is rifle. sky7hd was there when officers fired a flash bang device for him to drop the sword diploma they were able to finally subdue i him, get the sword and take him into custody. >> katie: bennett was treated for injuries he suffered in the confrontation. police say they averted a possible mass killing because the assault rifle in his car was fully loaded. >> contra costa water board holds a hearing in concord to consider
Dec 26, 2012 5:00am PST
and hurricane sandy disrupting shopping. don't forget to recycle old devices you don't want. a company called green citizen tells bloomberg it expects to see a 30% rise in e-waste between now and february. tomorrow lawmakers head back to washington to continue tackling the fiscal cliff stocks continue to fall on growing concern time is running out to come to a budget agreement. >>> we are keeping a close eye on the storm i should say mike is, if you are seeing a break it is only a temporary break. >>> temporary break is good not everybody getting wet weather now moving northwest to southeast trying to touch all of our neighborhoods, here's a[tfñ look from sutro tor on san francisco an area that is drying out from one of those showers, pretty good coverage outside of the south bay, east bay valleys now, let's start with the ones that are farrers to the south hayward, union city -- san carlos, santa clara way, redwood city, all heading towards fremont, palo alto, milpitas, dublin downtown pleasanton towards livermore on main street where we are seeing wet weather best radar return now hillsbor
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2